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We’ve all been there, you start a new diet or exercise plan but it just doesn’t seem to be working. We are constantly surrounded by information telling us the best way to get fit or loose weight but the information out there is not always correct. So, we decided to to do a bit of research into some of the most common fitness beliefs and here are 4 that turned out to be myths…

1) Being “heavy” means you’re fat.



This is a myth. The media has conditioned us into believing that a low number on the scales equals being slim. However, when you start an exercise programme, especially one that is focusing on muscle growth, it is likely that you will see some weight gain. You see, weight training stimulates the body to grow lean muscle, and even though muscle and fat weigh the same, a pound of fat takes up about four times as much space as a pound of muscle. It is therefore possible to look and feel trimmer and toned whilst weighing the same, or more than your original weight. Remember, the scales just show you a number that can help you track your progress, don’t let the number define you.


2) Carbs must be avoided.

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Carbs have gotten a bad reputation over the last few years, and consequently people now believe its best to cut them out completely. Carbs are a necessary part of your diet though and they fuel you body for those all important workouts! Some carbs can be considered “good”, these carbs are often high in fibre and are slowly absorbed into our system to avoid our blood sugar spiking. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend eating pizza, pasta and bread all day everyday, it’s definitely ok to allow yourself to have them from time to time, more importantly you need to make sure you eating a balanced portion of essential carbs each day!

3) All fats are bad.




Similar to the carbohydrate myth, fats are actually an essential part of your diet, eliminating them completely will make muscle gain/growth extremely hard. Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats are essential for our survival, but our bodies are unable to produce them themselves, instead they can be found in foods such as; salmon, flaxseeds, walnuts, olive oil and avocados, to name a few!

4) I can eat whatever I want.. as long as I exercise.


FALSE! Whilst eating whatever you want and still exercising may curb weight gain it certainly won’t help you in achieving any major fitness goals. 80% of what you look like is based on diet, I’m not saying to never enjoy chocolate or pizza again, but you do need to be mindful when it comes to what you are eating. This also goes the other way, not eating much at all and going to the gym thinking you will lose more weight. Doing this will not be sustainable, you need to nourish your body with the right foods in order to get the most out of your workouts.


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