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Smoothies have fast become a favourite breakfast choice for many people. They are simple, relatively easy to make and are great if you are on the go. All you need to do is cut up the fruit and throw it in the blender and you are ready to go.

Here are our smoothie top tips:

1) If you can, invest in a good blender! However there are plenty of low cost ones on the market that will do the job (like this one).

2) Preparing and freezing the fruit (or buying frozen fruit) before hand is super easy way to make sure your smoothie is cold and ready to drink straight away.

3) You can take this further and make things easier for yourself by preparing the fruit at the start of the week and freezing them in ready to grab smoothie bags, take one out in the morning, throw it in the blender and your ready to go!

4) Adding a bit of milk (almond, dairy, soy etc), yogurt or water can help get things moving in the blender and pad out your drink.

5 easy breakfast smoothies that are perfect for on the go

1) Raspberry, Banana and Nut Butter Smoothie

¾ cup of skimmed milk (or your preferred alternative).

¾ cup of frozen raspberries.

¼ cup of low-fat yogurt.

1 tablespoon of natural nut butter.

1 teaspoon of honey.


rasp and banaa and



2) Berry and Banana Smoothie

½ cup of blueberries.

½ cup of strawberries.

½ cup of frozen raspberries.

½ cup Banana.

2 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

1 teaspoon of honey.

smoothie pink berries


3) Raspberry, Mango and Coconut Smoothie

1 cup of frozen raspberries.

1 cup of coconut water.

½ teaspoon of fresh ginger.

1 cup of spinach.

1 cup of Mango.

rasp and mango


4) Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

1/2 cup of milk.

4-6 oz of vanilla greek yogurt.

1/2 cup of frozen blueberries.

1/2 of a frozen banana

1/2 cup of ice

1/4 cup of raw, uncooked oats.

1/4 of lemon zest (optional but tastes great!).

blue muffin


5) Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey Smoothie. 

1 large banana.

1 cup ice cubes.

1/2 cup milk.

1/4 cup Greek yogurt.

1 heaping Tbsp of organic peanut butter.

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract.



That’s it! Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Twitter with your smoothies (@magna_pass). We’d love to see what smoothies you tried. The MagnaPass team have tried and tested a few of these recipes and it’s safe to say they are DELICIOUS.


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