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I’ve been wearing a fitness tracker of some description for a few years now. It’s totally changed how I approach my own goals, not just in fitness, but wellbeing in general.


I’ve used a few different models in the past from brands like Jawbone, Apple, and most recently, Fitbit. All of them differ slightly from each other in terms of features, but in general they all deliver similar benefits. Despite being a skeptic when I initially purchased a fitness tracker, I’m a total convert now. I’ve even started gifting them to other people in my family! So let’s run over the top 5 benefits I’ve found to make a difference in my life:

It Can Track Your Heart Rate

Your heart is one of the most important components in your body, and the health of your heart indicates the health of your entire body. It’s for this reason that understanding how your heart is doing is vital. For instance, Harvard researchers found that a high resting heart rate can be an indicator of being at high risk of cardiac issues, while a low resting heart rate indicates good heart efficiency.

Simply being able to keep an eye on your heart rate throughout the day allows you to be more mindful of making healthy decisions, and spot any issues you might have before they evolve into something more serious. It’s also unbelievably satisfying seeing your resting heart rate decrease as you become fitter thanks to your packed schedule of classes from the MagnaPass timetable.

It Makes Sleep a Priority

Getting a good nights sleep should be a priority for anyone who wants to take great care of themselves. A regular sleep cycle of 7-8 hours sleep a night can improve your memory, help you to focus better, reduce stress, stave off depression, and even extend your life.

If you’re anything like me, the time in the evenings can simply slip by leaving you to suddenly discover that it’s 1am and you’ve been on your phone for a couple of hours. Nowadays, my fitness tracker reminds me to begin winding down for bed, and it’s helped me to establish a proper sleep routine for the first time ever.

Counting Steps Is Easy (And Addictive)

When people see that I wear a Fitbit everyday, they usually ask me why I bother wearing a step counter. While it can seem a slightly arbitrary statistic, tracking my steps is surprisingly motivating. It adds a competitive angle to everyday fitness – and if there’s one thing that the MagnaPass team has in common, it’s a mean competitive streak.

Simply competing with yourself to meet your daily steps goal has motivated me to cut many lazy Sundays short to actually go and explore the world around me, all in the name of that sweet satisfaction of meeting a goal. Some apps even let you see how your friends are doing, creating a leaderboard of steps for the week. That way, you can all challenge and motivate each other!

Understanding Nutrition is Key

While exercise is an important part of losing weight – watching what you eat is king. There’s no point burning off 400 calories in a HIIT class if  you’re going to go home and eat in excess of that. Most fitness apps having food tracking built in, allowing you to watch what you eat. I quickly discovered I ate a lot more than I thought I did, many more calories than I needed, and certainly far too much to meet my goals any time soon.

Drinking enough water is similarly crucial, and underrated! Getting plenty of water helps you to lose weight, improves your skin, and even improves brain function. tracking how many glasses you get a day will make you realise that you may have been depriving yourself of enough water for years!

Forming Healthy Habits

The healthiest of people aren’t always the ones who eat some kind of fancy diet, or find themselves in the gym everyday.  It’s people who consistently make good lifestyle habits an important part of their day that come out on top. Just like how eating one burger won’t make you fat, going to the gym once won’t make you Arnie overnight. Having something on my wrist that constantly reminds me to make good decisions for yourself and my health has been a massive help in establishing better habits for myself all year round – why just wait for New Years?

These are all very broad reasons why I couldn’t go back to not using a fitness tracker – I’m sure I could think of a million more. The price of fitness trackers is always coming down, so there’s never been a better time to try one out! I can even recommend a few classes from the MagnaPass timetable to get you going on your new fitness journey.

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