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It’s (slowly) warming up, which means that soon it will be summer party season and you’ll inevitably be busting out the barbecue. Now, everyone loves a good barbecue – but we’d all be lying to ourselves if we pretended that endless burgers and sausages (plus a few drinks most likely) was a particularly healthy venture. We’ve put together some ideas on how you can indulge in a barbecue, guilt free.

Ditch the Beef, Keep the Burger.


We get it – you came to the barbecue for a burger. Telling you to ditch the ultimate BBQ classic altogether is just not going to work.¬†However, swapping out a fatty beef burger for a nice lean chicken breast or even something like halloumi will totally change how you approach your BBQ. They’re lower calorie, higher in protein, and most importantly – just as tasty. Don’t believe us? Try out the chicken burger pictured above – the recipe is here.

Add Veggies Into The Mix


Often maligned at barbecues as a bit of a side dish for any vegetarians that might accidentally find themselves at the meaty festivities, vegetables can definitely be the stars of the show all on their own. Whether skewered as part of a kebab, baked in some foil, or cooked straight on the grill, vegetables can be a versatile part of your BBQ spread. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, corn, aubergine, courgettes, and asparagus all make excellent additions to your barbecue.

Add a Marinade


One downside of barbecues is that grilling meats at high temperatures can cause the production¬†of Heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which can increase your risk of developing cancer. You can significantly reduce the rate at which these are produced by marinating your meat – sometimes by up to 90%! So get creative with your herbs and spices – it’s (potentially) a life saver. You can get some ideas here.

Step Up your Coleslaw Game


The classic barbecue side dish, coleslaw isn’t exactly the healthiest way to serve vegetables. Very high in fat and calories, even in small servings, you might think you’d have to swap it out entirely if you were pursuing a healthier diet. However, since coleslaw is so easy to make at home – why not experiment with making it healthier? This coleslaw full of seeds and herbs is bursting with healthy flavour. So grab yourself a heap of coleslaw and munch on.

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