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It’s round 2 of myth busting here at MagnaPass as we expose some of the baseless rumours than could be getting in between you and your goals. 

There’s no end of self proclaimed fitness gurus espousing for the latest diet and fitness trends if you let them. While there may be some truth to what they say, a little too much of it is useless or even dangerous for our tastes. Here at MagnaPass we prefer to listen to cold hard scientific facts, proven to work. So without further adieu, here’s four more fitness myths busted.

Crunches are the best way to get abs


It’s the classic move everyone is taught to work out the muscles surrounding their stomach. So surely it should be the best, right?

Wrong. In fact – crunches are pretty useless overall. They don’t burn many calories, only work a small section of your stomach, and can even be dangerous if you use the wrong form. Instead of crunches, try moves which engage the distal trunk —which includes your shoulders and but. They more effectively engage your entire core, according to a study from Pennsylvania State University.

Sports drinks are better than water!


Drinks companies big and small are more than happy to tell you that their drinks will help boost your workout, improve recovery, and generally take your fitness to the next level. And while these can be true in specific scenarios, the average person at the gym will do just as well with a glass of water. If you’re already eating a balanced diet, the vitamins and minerals coming from sports/energy drinks aren’t needed. In fact, just swerve caffeine and calorie filled energy drinks altogether – they’re a very short energy boost followed by a big drowsy drop.

More protein = More muscle


The generally accepted idea is that more protein will equal more muscle growth, and to a point that’s true. However you can overdo it with eating too much protein, and quickly discover that all that extra protein will instead be stored as fat. Probably not what you wanted from your protein boost. Instead, for 97.5% of adults 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight is more than enough to fuel you throughout the day and throughout workouts.

More Gym Time Is Always Better

Young people exercising in a gym on treadmill. Focus is on foreground.

If going to the gym equals being fitter, then surely going every single day is the best way to smash those fitness goals? Unfortunately it’s not that simple – in fact that strategy might be detrimental to your success. Incorporating rest days gives your  body the time it needs to recover from workouts and actually helps you to grow your aerobic and anaerobic abilities! So put your feet up every now and again, your body will thank you.

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