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More and more employers are taking steps to look after the mental and physical health of their employees via wellness programmes – here’s a few tips to get you started.

Understanding why protecting your employee’s health in the long run is a good decision is crucial. Not only is it a nice thing to do – but healthier people are more productive, are less likely to leave, and have fewer days off sick. This really is a win-win scenario.

So what’s the best way to approach this? Of course every business is different, but here’s some of our favourite ideas to potentially add in to your business.

1. Healthy Food


Junk food makes you sluggish, tired, and generally less dynamic – hardly the best frame of mind to be in at work. Making sure that there’s plenty of opportunity for your employees to eat nutritious food while they’re at work is crucial. Whether this is offering an amazing kitchen space, having cupboards full of healthy snacks, or simply swapping out the biscuits at meetings for fruit. Some businesses have even started a breakfast club to make sure their employees are eating the most important meal of the day to fuel them while they’re at work!

2. Group Workouts


One of our favourite ways to live a healthy lifestyle is (obviously) group fitness classes. Make use of all of that office space by hosting a weekly yoga class, or form a team and join a local sports league. One idea we really like is forming an office running club, since it’s a nice low barrier of entry for everyone to get involved. Ultimately, we’ve always found that the best wellness programmes celebrate teamwork, cater to all abilities, and are actually fun for everyone involved.

3. Competitions


We won’t lie – the MagnaPass team are a competitive bunch, it’s in our nature at this point. Any opportunity to compete we all seize as soon as possible. Playing on that human instinct for competition is a fantastic way to involve your employees who may find themselves a little demotivated without it. Perhaps get everyone to set a (measurable) goal for themselves, and then the first person to achieve it gets a prize. It’s a really simple idea, but you’d be surprised how quickly a room full of adult professionals will suddenly covet a prize like they’re a bunch of kids. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

4. Charity

mudrunner Kohler

Adding some sort of charity component can make your goals more engaging, not to mention socially responsible! Get your team to sign up for a sponsored walk/run/skydive/whatever and then get them raising money for whatever amazing charity you choose. Use the weeks and months leading up to the event as an opportunity¬†to train together as part of your wellness programme too. Doing good for yourselves whilst doing good for other – can’t argue with that!

With that in mind – why not try one of our corporate wellness packages? With our¬†Workplace packages we can tailor a wellness scheme for your business that suits your needs. With a huge range of ideas and activities to choose from, as well as access to the best fitness professionals in Manchester, you know you’re in safe hands. Fore more details, contact us at

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