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MagnaPass Partners

12 days of fitness, 12 days to feature our amazing partners! Discover the best studios, classes and instructors in Manchester. Whether it’s yoga, water sports, HIIT or rock climbing.. there’s guaranteed something for you to fall in love with in 2017.

1. Lean Fitness Studios


Lean Fitness Studios is located just a few minutes away from the MagnaPass office, and we can’t imagine a better neighbour. They’re the total opposite of the standard gym experience – they offer tailored, focussed classes aimed at getting you the results that you want.

Forget the days of not knowing what you’re doing, the experienced and knowledgeable PT’s at Lean will make sure that you’re always doing the best thing to achieve your goals. There’s a reason we’re always using their space for our events!

2. Studio 25


If you’re looking for music and movement, Studio 25 is the place for you. They host a whole bevy of classes throughout the week from pole, to yoga, to more standard dance classes. There’s exciting fitness experiences to be found throughout the week here – they really are fitness on demand. Forget you’re even working out by discovering a new passion instead. Warning – fantastic fitness experiences may be addicted!

3. Physiolates


Try something different. Physiolates is a popular service and delivers physiotherapist led pilates. They provide private and groups classes in your home, your work and at their studios in Manchester. With that much flexibility, there is guaranteed a suitable time and place for you to try Physiolates.  

Their range of classes include Growlates, Prolates and Bumplates – something for everyone to love. They allow you to tailor your pilates experience to suit your needs and achieve personal goals.

4. Rock over climbing


Rock Over Climbing has established itself as one of Manchester fitness hotspots – in addition to one of the finest solo climbing experiences around, they also host a variety of classes both on and off the wall in their gym.

Climbing is a fantastic workout requiring balance, core strength, and a huge amount of skill – it’s guaranteed to push even the best athletes! We’re all about variety in our fitness routines here at MagnaPass which makes Rock Over Climbing a perfect fit.

5. Helly Hansen Watersports Centre


Work out. Water sports. Outdoors. Manchester. We bet a few of you didn’t even know that you could do all this Manchester. Based in the heart of Salford Quays and Media City is Helly Hansen Water Sports centre, a place for sailing, SUPyoga, wakeboarding  and more. This is a great place for team building or a family day out. Being active doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the heart of our city.

6. Cloud Aerial Arts


Imagine dangling from the ceiling, doing flips in a hoop, all the while being cheered on by a supportive crowd. No, you’re not at the circus, you’re at Cloud Aerial Arts and that crowd are the ever gracious instructors.

This is a workout for those of you who like a challenge – like climbing, it requires skill, balance and core strength. After you’ve begun to gain some experience, you’ll find the workouts fly by as you have the most fun workout of your life

7. Marley @ Vida Yoga


Marley from Vida Yoga has been our partner in crime since she began hosting our popular friday evening yoga sessions. Week in, week out she’s been delivering session after session of perfect stress-busting yoga flows that have even the most highly strung attendees in a blissful savasana by the end. That’s not to say she takes it easy on you though – marley makes sure you earn those relaxing through minutes after putting you through a taxing workout that’ll have you using muscles you never even knew existed.

8. GFF Damian Dance Studio


The definition of a hidden gem, this pole fitness studio has a packed calendar of sessions suitable for all. The dedicated studio is unbelievably cosy and pairs beautifully with the super supportive team, encouraging a strong community vibe.

Pole fitness has all sorts of benefits and can be challenging for people at any skill level. Don’t worry though, Damian is sure to make you feel perfectly safe while trying out this exciting new skill.

9. Physiolounge


Working with the Physio Lounge is a total pleasure – we’d challenge you to find a more friendly, knowledgeable bunch of people. It’s no coincidence that so many of the athletes at the various Manchester sports teams rely on these guys to keep them in tip top condition.

As you might imagine, we’re a pretty sporty bunch at MagnaPass- we’re really lucky to have been able to experience some of their recovery sports massages. The Physio lounge comes with the personal approval of the MagnaPass team!

10. M4 Fitness


When we first visited the M4 Fitness Studio in Anocats we knew it was exactly the place we wanted to show off to everyone. The boutique studio is a great spot in the city centre to work out in, we would choose this place anyday over a over crowded gym.

Exposed brick walls, large glass windows and a full stack of gym equipment – what’s not to like? M4 Fitness offer circuit classes weekly and we are very excited to partner and we hope our users enjoy this place as much as we do!

11. Excelerate Fitness


Quirky cool studios is what we love at MagnaPass, Exelerate Fitness is another hidden gem located in the city centre. Find workout classes, nutrition sessions and health programs all available in one spot.  Smash your workout here with their bootcamp class available on our MagnaPass timetable.

12. Skot @ Fera

Skot launched his Fera brand of movement based workouts this year. We were blessed to collaborate with Fera for our MagnaxFera event, introducing a whole host of local fitness bloggers to his unusual workouts which required them to channel some of their animal instincts and move like they never had before. It’s because of his keen eye for detail and unique approach to fitness that we’re so glad to have Skot & Fera on board here at MagnaPass

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