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Rules, that we here at Magna think are worth living by if you want to keep fit and healthy all year round!

  1. Keep yourself hydrated.

Simple really. Water is an essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body and without it, our performance levels are bound to decline. Water regulates your body temperature, reduces fatigue and recovery time and increases satisfaction levels. So it is important that we are getting AT LEAST 2 litres of it into our bodies a day.

Furthermore, whether you’re a morning exercise enthusiast or not, fasting for 8-10 hours straight means replenishment is much needed when you wake up, and drinking a large glass of water as soon as you get up is a good way to start the day!

Top tip: Infuse your water with lemon and mint for a refreshing and cleansing alternative.

    1. Sleep.


Rest, rest and more rest. I can’t stress this point enough. Whilst exercising, working and socialising is all well and good, our busy day-to-day lives mean a solid 8-10 hours sleep is not only recommended, but NEEDED in order for you to be able to function properly. I know there are people out there who claim to survive off of 4 hours a night (how?) but they 1) won’t be able to sustain this long term and 2) are most definitely not living an all around healthy lifestyle. “Make sure you get adequate nutrition and rest daily” advises fitness model Jared Groff via, “both are equally important. You break down tissue in the gym, but you grow through proper rest and nutrition”.

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  1. Maintain a balanced diet.

Easier said than done I hear you say? Maybe, but if you want something enough, you’ll stick to it! Eating the right things means giving your body the head start it needs for before workouts, after workouts and in the recovery periods between workouts. What you put into your body will affect the quality of your gym sessions and can ultimately impact your end fitness goals.

So, make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket and really try hard not to stray from it. Also try meal planning for the week ahead and meal prepping in the evenings. This way you won’t find yourself stuck for what to eat and falling back into bad habits (yup, delete that Dominoes contact from your phone… I know you have it saved).

Bonus Tip: Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry. Not a good idea, and you will leave with 85% of the store’s produce.

    1. Get a gym membership.


I know you don’t necessarily need one of these to maintain your fitness, you can workout at home and go for runs without paying a penny! However, if you’re struggling with the motivation to actually get off of your bum and do these things, then paying for a gym membership each month might be all the encouragement you need. Create a workout plan prior to leaving for the gym so you know exactly what you’re doing, and how long you’ll be doing it for, and you’re all set to go! Tip: If you’re living in or around Manchester, make sure to sign up with Magna so you can find and book a fitness class of you choice, TODAY.

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  1. Establish a routine.

A routine means structure and structure means maintaining discipline (key factor to keeping fit and healthy all year round). By defining clear boundaries between fitness, nutrition and sleep, you won’t find yourself wondering what’s next. So make yourself a gameplan for each week and stick to it.

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    1. Do Yoga.


No, it’s not just for women. Yoga promotes flexibility, core strength and relaxation, three crucial necessities of a fit and healthy lifestyle. It targets all parts of your body and by doing it even twice a month, you will see an improvement in your balance (vital for getting through your days uninjured), a strengthened immune system (making you better primed to fight off infections) and an enhanced nervous system, (encouraging a quicker parasympathetic or “rest and digest” bodily reaction) says Women’s Health Mag.

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  1. Always take the stairs.

Small steps. If you’re new to the fitness world and your end goal is still a daunting thought, take the pressure off and start small. Choose the stairs instead of the escalator, get off the bus a stop early, and make a conscious effort to engage your core throughout the day (even changing the bed sheets involves the use of muscles!). There are all kinds of small changes you can make daily that will benefit you in the long run and soon enough you will start to see a transformation in yourself. You’re welcome!

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    1. Keep track of your performance.


Keeping a diary is one of the best ways to make sure you’re doing everything correctly. From what you are consuming, to what times you are going to bed and waking up, to what gym session you did on what day. By keeping score of every part of your life, you will not find yourself straying from your gameplan or wondering where you’ve gone wrong. Make sure you’re even recording your cheat days, every detail is necessary!

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  1. Change it up.

You’ve been exercising and eating properly, you lose a little weight and everything appears to be running smoothly until it seems you stop making progress. It happens to even the hardest of gym nuts and the solution is simple. You must add the ‘confusion principle’ to your workout says Vancouver’s Geoff Bagshaw, a Can-Fit Pro-certified trainer (via Best Health Mag.). “Your body adapts to what you do, so you should switch your program regularly. This can mean changing your entire regimen, or factors of it”. This method will also keep you motivated and encouraged to strive for that better you.

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    1. Stretch.


If you’ve decided you’re not a fan of yoga, but you still want to maintain your flexibility and steer clear of muscular injuries, then it is vital you put aside time to stretch. Both before and after a workout are crucial times for you to do this and I advise targeting all main muscle groups, even if you don’t think you will be using them that day. Don’t miss anything out!

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